Heart Pro : featured iPad application as 3D navigation for Heart , with capability for interactive browsing for 3D heart models including Spin – by swiping finger , Cut – by a long swipe (a long swipe is a swipe that starts outside the heart – i.e the background – located on the sides and top of the heart) & Zoom – by pinching fingers .

Heart Pro -  3D visualization for iPad

Anatomical views ( including anterior, posterior, lateral, right lateral, superior, inferior, sagittal, coronal and transverse views ) includes pin as a tool to label , and bookmark points .

When turning from portrait mode to landscape mode, more additional options are available .

With advanced views such as : SECTIONED VIEWS: ” Coronal, Sagittal and Transverse sections ” and Transparent layers are very advanced graphical tools added with animation makes HeartPro the most interactive 3D visualization for iPad yet.

Heart Pro includes : video Tutorial for the app , and QUIZ for doctors who are willing to test their knowledge with an interactive quiz.

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