EMR,  PHR  and EHR has a huge share cut of iphone app market , including the apps directed to non health care users which help manage their health records ,but for me i consider the apps which are targeting patients to manage their medical records and help them keep tracking of their medications , i consider them the most usable apps and more needed as well .

iPhone is right now the most usable smart phone for doctors in usa , which will make me committed to look for similar apps for windows mobile , palm , and linux mobile passing through android as well .


iChart EMR -  $139.99 :
It may be the most expensive EMR for iPhone – yet – , but it also seems the most comprehensive one so far as well , iChart is designed by doctors for doctors for tracking patients records in hospitals , clinics and homecare settings .
It’ll be useful for doctors under call and Home visit doctors along with Family Physicians .
iChart EMR sync data to online datacenter and provide secure backup as well .

iSupra – Free :
is the iPhone interface / port of Supra EMR ! Its Free as an iPhone app , but not the EMR itself !

Allscripts Remote – Free :
It enables the Healthcare providers to login their Allscripts EHR from their iPhone and iPodTouch any place and manager , retrieve , or add the records .
LifeRecord EMR
Well LifeRecord is one package with  the billing component, scheduling, e-prescribing, e-billing, ChartAnywhere, ChartAnywhere Fax, My Life . But also it does work on many OS and Many Phone OS as well as Blackberry and android .

Patient Trackers :

Patient Tracker – $9.99
is a handy small useful app for iPhone and iPod Touch to help doctors keep tracking of their patients , important data and records .
iCare Tracker – $0.99:
Its a small , secure , useful and cheap patient tracker tools for doctors and nurses .

Wards (Patient Tracker) – $4.99 :
is another Patient Tracker tool for iPhone .


My Life Record Personal Medical Record – $19.99  :
is a Personal Health Records iPhone application for managing medical records , including medications , diseases , laps results ,  even Radiology scanning .

Polka Health – $0.99 :
is a personal health log or monitor to log the important health related data including weight , exercises , sleep and diet , it also built to monitor Prescriptions , Allergies and Medical conditions and make it easier to share with doctors .

polka ipHone PHR

Health Cloud – Free :
It`s a Google Health iPhone client , its built on Google Health API , making it easier to records , maintain , retrieve or edit the google health records on the cloud . Developed by Ford Parsons .

Health Cloud iPhone Google Health Interface

MotionPHR Health Record – $9.99 :
Its similar to what every PHR i listed dose , but this one is more about securing the data and back-ups .But what makes this one really different is its focusing on all family members health records .


AllOne Mobile – Free :
Its more as a Family Health records , enables the secure exchange of critical health information between individuals, providers and health plans.