Living with Epilepsy is an Android app built for Epileptic Patients as a guide to inform patients and their closed ones how to handle epileptic fits .
It’s not free , but it’s cheap , and useful .

Content :

  1. The History of Epilepsy
  2. What Is Epilepsy?
  3. What Are Seizures?
  4. Who Is At Risk For Epilepsy?
  5. What Are the Causes?
  6. Is Epilepsy Genetic?
  7. Is Epilepsy Congenital – Will I have it forever?
  8. What Is SUDEP (sudden, unexpected death of someone with epilepsy)
  9. What Are the Different Types of Epilepsy and Seizures?
  10. How Does Epilepsy Affect Thinking and Memory?
  11. Epilepsy and Moods, Behavior and Sleep
  12. How Is Epilepsy Diagnosed?
  13. What Treatments Are Available for Epilepsy?
  14. Epilepsy and Diet and Nutrition
  15. Living With Epilepsy

Android Market link .

Living With Epilepsy - Android