Helping epileptic patients to record , data about their Seizures either single or clusters ,Record Medicines, when to take them and when to refill them , ( dosage , timing ) , record Triggers (10 standard or customize your personal trigger) , Record Side Effects including the severity of the reaction.

Reminders :
Setting reminders for medications and refills , reminders on phone and take your medications on time .

Accessing by registering on epilepsy allowing many featured :
- Personal Medical History
- Customized Reports – including graphs which can be printed or emailed
- Setup Reminders for medication, refills, or other personal events via text message or email
- Uploading photos or files to attach to a daily record
- Medicine Organizer
- Summary of Notes
- and more .

- register on to use this application
- setup your diary on before you can use this application. Log to the web diary and setup your seizure types in there PRIOR of using this app.
- Internet Access required to synch data to your diary on